Liza Marcos on 'crush ng bayan' college tag and rumors that Bongbong Marcos is 'under the saya' (2024)

First Lady Liza Araneta Marcos showed more of her personal side in a recent interview where she opened up about her life beyond politics and her relationship with President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

In a vlog uploaded by broadcast journalist Anthony Taberna early Friday, April 19, she noted that it's only the third—if not the fourth—interview she accepted in her lifetime. “Sa pamilya kasi namin, 'di kami ganoon. ‘Yung mayabang, gustong may ganoon,” she said, waving her arms. “Kailangan low profile kami.”

But since becoming the First Lady, Liza said she had no choice but to create social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

She later talked about how she is as a wife to the President, including rumors of him being “under the saya,” and as a person, including her being dubbed “crush ng bayan” in her yesteryears.

On balancing her work schedule and quality time with family

Liza said she holds about four meetings a day, as well as ribbon cuttings and “terno-terno.” She wakes up at 8 a.m., allots an hour and a half to walking, does yoga, and swims for about 20 minutes before working.

“You have to process everything. There, it’s all noise. ‘Yung mga balita doon, balita diyan,” she said.

Liza’s workday, she said, ends between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. She would then have dinner with Bongbong afterwards.

Every Monday, she has a scheduled dinner with him and their children Sandro, Joseph, and Vinny. Wednesdays, meanwhile, are for date nights with Bongbong.

“Minsan nangyayari, minsan hindi pero okay lang,” she said, adding that Sunday is family day.

Liza stressed the importance of having quality time with Bongbong outside work and recently, they attended the Manila concert of American singer James Taylor.

She noted that her husband needs to release stress through music as he’s a “frustrated rock star.”

On growing up with strict parents and grandparents

Taberna asked if Liza is one of eight siblings, to which she said one of them had died. She later clarified that she’s the fifth.

Liza, meanwhile, recalled her childhood days of having strict parents and grandparents. She noted how her aunts would inspect their maid’s room and check its cleanliness levels. There would also be “closet contests” among the siblings, with the winner being rewarded.

The penchant for cleanliness would persist even when she got married. “That’s how we grew up,” she said.

She also had to be a working student to pay for law school, as her mother wouldn’t give her tuition.

On being called 'crush ng bayan'

Liza also recalled her days in school, during which she was supposedly the “crush ng bayan.”

“No comment,” she said, smiling. “Humble daw, no comment.”

“I don’t think I was 'crush ng bayan.' Siyempre, you’re young, you’re ano… hanggang ngayon naman,” she added, prompting her and Taberna to laugh.

Despite having a fair share of suitors in college, Liza said she vowed not to have a boyfriend until her graduation.

On marrying Bongbong

Liza said she never thought she’d marry a Marcos, especially since her family members have differing political beliefs. “Imagine, who would have known that I would marry a Marcos? Parang ang layo, 'di ba?” she said.

She recalled knowing Bongbong in New York, and even had their respective partners at the time.

“Talagang magkaibigan lang kami. Then one thing led to another,” she said. “Talagang ordinary life, walang kiyeme-kiyeme. Kaya maski anong sabihin nila, friends pa rin kami.”

They got married in 1993.

She said the basis of every relationship, especially marriage, is friendship. While they have disagreements from time to time, they don’t reach the point of turning violent. She dismissed rumors that she and Bongbong had punched each other in the past. “Oh my God. That would be the day,” she said.

Liza also shut down rumors that Bongbong is “under the saya” or a submissive husband. “Tawang-tawa nga ako,” she said.

She reiterated how she and Bongbong met in New York and how she followed him in Ilocos and started a family there.

As their kids were growing, Bongbong told Liza he wanted to send their kids to boarding school in London and, despite it being difficult for her as a mother, she agreed.

“I never went to boarding school. You know how painful that is for me? That’s what my husband wants. So sige. ‘Yan ba ‘yung under (the saya)?” she said. “(Gumawa ng) Facebook at Instagram, sa palagay mo under ‘yun?”

“There’s so many changes in my life that I did for him,” she said.

Liza also pointed out that she wouldn’t dissolve her law firm if she had an agenda in becoming the First Lady.

"You're talking about 'under the saya’... I gave up my law firm. You know how painful that was for me?” she said. “The original partner's agreement was I'll come back in six years because you have to divest. Inisip ko, ‘I’ll be 70 in six years. So sinabi ko, sa inyo na [ang law firm].”

On rumors of being impatient

Taberna also asked Liza about rumors that she has a short temper. “For me, just do the job,” she said. “But don’t make sira this person.”

She talked about a personal rule that anyone who can last six months with her would be able to spend a lifetime with her.

She said that though she’s imperfect, she never shouted or cursed at anyone, much less inflict physical pain.

“Pero malalaman mo, 'pag ayaw ko, 'di kita kakausapin,” she said. In the context of work, however, she said she still has to maintain professionalism to get the job done.

Liza stressed that she values loyalty and kindness even in her own household, so much so that their maids have been with them for years to decades. “Magtatagal ba ang mga ‘yan kung di kami mabait?”

Liza Marcos on 'crush ng bayan' college tag and rumors that Bongbong Marcos is 'under the saya' (2024)
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